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Kreinik Flash-In-A-Tube

by Kreinik
Price $5.95

Kreinik Flash is a strong synthetic metallic "tinsel" for adding movement, sparkle and light reflection to the tails and wings of many flies. Kreinik Flash is unaffected by saltwater or epoxy finishes, yet is flexible enough to be mixed with marabou, enhancing its action in the water.

It is the one and only metallic fiber to use on the sub-surface Kreelex Fly. Add Flash to the tails of woolly buggers, bass bugs, poppers, eels, and leech patterns. Mix Flash with bucktail in streamers. Single strands can be used as ribbing on nymphs and wet flies. 

  • Small Flash-In-A-Tube: 12 inches long, 250 strands in a clear plastic tube for ease in cutting and storing
  • Size (width) is 1/69"
  • Supported means it has a nylon supporting thread for extra body

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