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3mm Tungsten Head Turner Beads

by Purity Fly Co.
Price $7.75

Turn any hook into an inverted jig hook with these tungsten ‘head turning’ beads. Because the weight is offset, hooks invert during the drift. You can use these beads on straight shank nymph hooks and curved chironomid/scud hooks as well. They reliably turn the fly upside down which reduces snags and leads to more fish being hooked securely in the upper jaw. They also are heavier than equivalent sizes of slotted or countersunk tungsten beads because less of the bead is removed to accommodate the hook.

 You can change the way the head turner bead impacts flies behaviour by the way you place it on the hook. If you place the bead on the hook, concave side toward the hook eye it extends farther forward in over the eye of the hook. The difference is subtle, but noticeable. This head turner bead placement also slightly changes the way the fly hangs when tied onto your tippet so it suspends somewhat balanced.   This style of balancing a fly does not balance as well as a balanced fly with a standard tungsten bead placed onto a pin and tied in so it extends forward of the hook eye.  The head turner bead does, however, ride more horizontal than a standard beaded fly plus it’s much quicker to tie.  If you attach the fly using a clinch or improved clinch knot and cinch the knot slightly towards the bend of the hook the fly will suspend horizontally, with both standard hooks and jig hooks.  For a standard Euro Nymph style pattern install the bead from the front hole, concave side facing rewards, to obtain a more traditional presentation in the water.

20 per pack

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