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Temple Forks BVK

This year I set out to purchase a new, secondary rod for my float tube.  The purpose of the rod is to use with an indicator line or an intermediate sink line.  The goal was to have a long range caster to launch the intermediate line into the shallows or cast out a heavy indicator rig.  I have found that for the majority of my still water fishing applications I rarely need a finesse rod, rather I like to have distance and the ability to punch through a brisk prairie wind.  After reading the Yellowstone Anglers 5 weight shoot out report on the long range capabilities of the BVK and, having cast the BVK in the past, the answer was clear, a 6 weight 10' Temple Forks BVK matched with a BVK Super Large Arbor II reel. Yellowstone Angler rated this rod overall in 13th place out of 20 but it was their rating at 70 feet that sold me, "Here’s your long-range rocket launcher of the 5-weights we tested.   Now it feels a lot better with more line in the air.  Great power and tracks well."  Even though the report was on a 5 weight I figured these characteristics would hold true for the 6 weight and being it's primary use will be in a float tube, I like to have the extra foot above the water the 10' rod provides.

I had a chance to go fishing this past weekend, which is a rarity this early here in Saskatchewan.  So I took my son to a lake that I knew was ice free.  Long story short I never did get in the water.  The wind was blowing at about 17mph gusting to 35mph and the temperature was about 7C.  Being that the ice had just come off the week before and it felt like 2C outside, I wasn't overly motivated to get in the water.  Not to mention, I figured I wouldn't subject my son to that level of frustration on his first outing of the year.  Casting in that kind of wind is never fun, let alone for a young fly fisher.  I did however take the opportunity to try out this rod in less than ideal conditions.  I have to say I am very pleased with my choice.  The rod is quite light for a 10' coming in at 3.3 oz, and was just what I expected. Great at long distance and able to cut through the wind. I was able to cast 70' of my intermediate sink line into that wind without any trouble and casting the new RIO Extreme Indicator line with an indicator and balanced leech a good distance was quite manageable as well.  Being a very stiff rod it is limited at closer ranges but for my applications this really isn't a big concern.

If you are looking for a good rod to use in your float tube or a long distance line launcher, here is the rod for you.  With a retail price starting at $305 CAD, I would highly recommend the TFO BVK.  I have worked with TFO as a dealer and have yet to have a customer unhappy with their rod's not to mention the customer service from the crew at TFO Canada can't be beat.  I need to buy a new Pike rod in the near future and I think I have already found my answer.

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